We need to keep breathing and you can show your support today. The yellow lungs of the #KeepBreathing campaign are now featured in a filter on social media. Whether at an event or your workplace, use this opportunity to … get set, shoot and share directly on your smartphone! Find our new #KeepBreathing filter on Instagram and Facebook and share it with your network.

The #KeepBreathing campaign is a joint advocacy effort of the European Lung Health Group (ELHG), nine European level patient and healthcare professional organisations, gathering 179 national associations in 36 countries together for better lung health policy in Europe.

Together, we aim to bring lung health to the forefront of European advocacy discussions and call for action across three areas: prevention, care and research for respiratory diseases in Europe.

Want to learn more?

Read more on breathevision.eu and follow us on X (@EuroLungHealth) and LinkedIn (@European Lung Health Group).

How can you support our action?

Download the #KeepBreathing Handbook and use the #KeepBreathing hashtag on socials! Take a photo with our new filter on Instagtram.

The European Lung Health Group is actively working together for better lung health in Europe through better care, increased patient participation, and improved prevention. More information here.