Our Breathe Vision is written against the context of a deficit of European level policy attention for respiratory health and the need for a unified voice.

The themes of this Vision bring together ambitions for 2030 in the areas of awareness, prevention, care and research. The Breathe Vision also builds on the opportunities and threats that COVID-19 has brought to lung health.   


Create an inclusive understanding of how information dissemination impacts health and increases awareness to create informed co-decision making and compassionate responses.

Draw attention to the importance of prevention of  lung diseases  through education, environmental protection, behaviourial changes and improved air quality. We support Europe in formulating ambitious goals around prevention and will help to meet those.

A multi-level approach in care across Europe to increase access to high quality care for everyone, by utilising digital tools, specialised knowledge, real-world evidence and more. We advocate for more coordination of care across member states.

Given the impact of respiratory disease in Europe, we should be at the forefront of research in respiratory health. Breathe Vision for 2030 strongly advocates for an increased commitment to investment in research to tackle the complexity and the slow speed of treatment development.

The huge effort made to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic should be maintained and leveraged for all respiratory diseases, to address the short- and long-term impacts on the lungs.